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15 new fragrances to savor; thank you, Eddie, for the favor


It's great when a very short piece of writing inspires one to effortlessly jump into other ideas and experiences. Eddie Bulliqi volleyed his thoughts on the smell of grass, tennis, and cucumber sandwiches (In Celebration of the Smells and Tastes of Wimbledon), and I returned his serve by jumping from Lacoste to Josh Meyer's The Soft Lawn Edition 2.0, and a tour of Imaginary Authors' line of niche fragrances:

Well, Eddie, you sure sold me. When I read your headline, I instantly thought of all the new Lacoste colognes I have been collecting, all wonderful. But the line of Imaginary Authors fragrances is what really grabbed me. I am already looking to buy... Very cool. Thank you for the heads up on an interesting niche line; now let's see how I like it! --

After I left my comment at Fragrantica, I delved into IA's collection and made a very exciting purchase:

UPDATE: Just grabbed two Short Story Collections of 8 samples each at Imaginary Authors ($38 per set / $76 and free shipping). IA gave me 15 choices, so I doubled up on Cape Heartache. This is going to be a really pleasurable experience to introduce myself to 15 new fragrances. It'll be a fun experience to blog about. Thanks again, Eddie!

I'm going to leave it here. I'll be back with my impressions, and we will see how long I can make these samples last, and whether I choose to splurge on a 50 ml bottle for $95. Which would you choose? Leave a comment below.

Cape Heartache Sundrunk Telegrama The Soft Lawn The Cobra and The Canary A Whiff of Wafflecone Whispered Myths Yesterday Haze A City on Fire Every Storm a Serenade Falling Into the Sea Memoirs of a Trespasser O Unknown! Saint Julep Slow Explosions

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