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A+ With Distinction: Dunhill (Alfred Dunhill, 2003)

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I came across Andrew Radford’s 10 Best Dunhill Fragrances on VioraLondon today, and noticed it features mostly if not exclusively Alfred Dunhill’s current lineup on their U.S. website, which I had also just visited. That is not a surprise in this age of sponsored content.

The scent I was looking for was not on his list, or Dunhill’s site.

It’s great to see companies like Dunhill reach forward, and I have no doubt Radford’s choices are worth checking out, but as I’m rather new to the cologne game, and limit myself to more affordable items from better discounters such as ForeverLux (better meaning no counterfeits), I am familiarizing myself with established scents that have maintained their standing among the Men’s Cologne Classics.

I received a shipment of 13 fragrances, quite a mix, from FL last week, and having finally worked up the discipline to not tear everything open right away, I carefully weighed and photographed the boxes over the next few days.

Dunhill was one of the 13 and a big hopeful. It came through and really stole the show for me. (The mix ranged from F for Ferragamo Black, The One edt, Burberry London Fabric, Bentley Infinite and CK Contradiction.)

What a splendid, subtle, richly grey and unique scent Dunhill is! An aged plumminess infused with an old school scent I haven’t yet learned to identify (possibly the main note in Grey Flannel) hides in the background, as if added to the plums when they were put up to ferment for a few seasons. But that’s only in the background.

There’s also a sweetly aromatic wood with just a bit of spice — but not “spicy.” All of the notes integrate into one unique scent. You smell the unique cologne, not the ingredients.

One of the first thoughts I had when smelling it, after catching my breath with delight and surprise, was ‘Signature Scent Candidate.”

I am very happy with my track record of blind buys. About a 96% success rate, very few I would not buy again.

I may never settle on a signature scent — I’m having too much fun now — but Dunhill (2003) is definitely my Signature Candidate, and it will hold that place until something really knocks me off my feet.

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