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Cologne Authentication by FragWag

FragWag can help you authenticate your colognes against those in his carefully purchased and well-documented collection.

FragWag collects high-quality authenticating data quickly and efficiently, by recording weights of colognes as they arrive, and retaining sealed boxes as reference until photographed.

You can do the same to crowd-source as many products as possible.

Email as much as you can to, and FragWag will reply with an assessment.


  • Photos and videos of new bottles and boxes, clear, well-lit, high-definition;

  • Batch codes (bottle and box)

  • Product name, brand and size; seller, and date and price of purchase;

  • Weights: New product sealed in the package; capped bottle; cap only;

  • Optional, but very helpful: A copy of your proof of purchase, PPI-redacted.

For best results, measure the weight of the cap to 0.01 gram, and the box and bottle to 0.1 gram.

Enthusiasts who value authenticity are encouraged to do the same.

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