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Cool Water’s clone “Aspen” and other blue-aqua progeny

Updated: Jun 22, 2021


I would love to hear Eddie Bulliqi's take on Cool Water (1988) "alternative" / wanna-be-clone, Aspen (Coty, 1989*). It was super cheap on ForeverLux, so I did a bit of research, learned it had a high similarity with CW (pine is often mentioned), and bought a bottle, as (sort of) a goof. It is just fine! Certainly distinguishable from, and not a true "fake" of, CW -- though, the green bottle color is similar, and the beveled edges could rightly be called a ripoff. Aspen may be appreciated, if not liked, by Cool Water devotees. Worth it for the price, and for curiosity, if for no other reason.

Eddie did not mention the recent launch of Davidoff's Cool Water Parfum. I guess CW has earned the right to be reviewed and re-reviewed on its own terms. But maybe Eddie might look at that along with Aspen.

Cool Water was a nostalgic addition to my collection anyway, as I discovered it when it launched. I'm not particularly impressed or disgusted, and can see why people like it, but I rarely touch it. By this time, though, I think the blue-aquatic genre has expanded so much, I'm not sure it helps to understand CW by reminding people of its inspiration for it all. CW can no longer really be compared to most of the newer blue-aquas, as they have drifted pretty far away (and all in the same direction).

If you like Davidoff, as a newbie*** cologne enthusiast, I recommend you try their other colognes. I was very delighted with my 2nd, Horizon (a total blind buy), which opens with a delicious creamy lemon opening); crazy with Davidoff Zino (my 3rd; read up no Zino Davidoff, he's interesting) and at first disgusted by Adventure, then charmed when I tried just a tiny dab (a good lesson for newbies, and those who think they hate a particular perfume).

Well, I think that about wraps it up, folks; thank you for stopping by and reading this, grab some finger food over there, and stop by Eddie's table for an autograph before you leave.

* Not Carlos Benaim's 2019 "for women" Aspen.

** You could do much, much worse than Myrurgia's Yacht Man Metal (I almost misspelled it as Mygurgia, lol) at $8.41 (ForeverLux).

*** As of April 7, but with quite a collection now (over 70, I believe; see my shelf). And come find me at

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