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Deadbeat Disappears from eBay

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

Counterfeiters are not the only sellers to avoid on eBay. Some are just plain old deadbeats.

A seller who refused to provide a tracking number has just disappeared from eBay.

The Clinique Happy I’ve been excited and worried about has not arrived, and in two days, May 19, I can ask eBay for a refund (if it has not arrived).

The user appears to be from The Netherlands, although I seem to remember they claimed to ship from the U.S.

User teret-83 signed their reply ‘teretatcluo’ and their profile was labeled “No longer a registered user” in red lettering a few minutes ago. Then, literally moments later, eBay changed that to “Not a registered user.”

I’ll provide updates on this page.

Meanwhile, I’ll find Happy someplace else, and hope fake cip posya a “Clinique Happy: Fake or Real?” video soon.

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