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Fake or Real? Clinique Happy™ For Men Cologne Spray, 3.4 oz


Very good results from my first Fake or Real Cologne video. It is not a Fake vs. Real video; without a verified-as-authentic product, my unboxing is -- for now -- a well-documented video record with authenticity undetermined. If/when it is verified or debunked, I will let you know.

However, my personal verdict weighs heavily to its being an original, legal Clinique cologne. A cologne can only be either original or fake; calling something 100% authentic is to misunderstand the term.


YouTuber fake cip's videos were my guide for much of what I did. It is a slow, careful recording. Here is where I strayed from how he typically shoots a video:

Minuses: i) One bottle only, just my purchase. ii) No dimensional measurements, and of course, iii) no comparisons. iv) Close-up quality and 720p definition not quite as high. v) Unable to authenticate on day of unboxing (May 26, 2021), because it was not purchased directly from Clinique or an eBay seller I verified directly with Clinique as an "authorized retailer".

Pluses: i) Complete unboxing captured, including weighing and removal of shipping container and cellophane; ii) additional weight measurements, including cellophane; squeeze bulb; and weights of box and insert individually (see below). iii) Two scales: A 2000 g capacity, 0.1 g model, and a 100g capacity, 0.01 model. The first weighed to 1/10th of a gram, and the latter allowed weighed smaller objects more precisely (cellophane, 1.43 g; squeeze bulb, 1.00 g; cap, 26.31g).

WEIGHTS, more to follow: 3.4 oz edt spray

  • Total sealed package, 311.5 g;

  • W/o cellophane, 310.0 g;

  • Bottle, 284.9 g

  • Cap, 26.5 g


Ebay, dealtimesperfumes, est. 2014, 49k transactions, U..S.-based


The codes are interestingly printed and placed, and "appear" credible. The bottom of the bottle bears a silver oval sticker, stamped 'ABO' in black, with '62YM' printed after the country of manufacture (Switzerland). The box's bottom, above the UPS symbol, bears unprinted, embossed characters 'ABO 20 332', and the bottom left (from front) side flap is printed in white-on-orange* '62YM-01-011L' and, just below that, a numeric 8.


The paper stock of the outside box is actually made from white pulp with a fine layer of orange ink, so the white lettering is the unprinted paper showing through the overlay. You can only tell this by observing the cut edges of the stock, where the white shows through. The bottom front is the same: The volume and formation, etc. is in the same white-on-orange in centered, mostly all-caps text:




3.4 FL.OZ.LIQ./100 ml e

The brand and cologne are centered as follows at the top of the box:

clinique happy.


This text is raised and/or textured; you can feel all of it by touch. The brand 'clinique' is in metallic silver ink; 'happy.' and 'FOR MEN are in white. From the inside of the box, everything except clinique is visible as embossed (raised outside). So 'clinique' is invisible from the inside.


Details to follow.


The scales I used are brand-new Amazon purchases of Smart Weigh's TOP Series digital pocket scale, 2KG capacity and a 0.1g graduation; and their Weigh Gram TOP-100 model with only 100G capacity, but a 0.01 g graduation. It was very nice to weigh the cellophane only, at 1.43 g.


I carefully unpeeled open the finely, tautly folded and wrapped high-quality cellophane at the bottom. You can see in the video, with a knife, how I slipped it between flaps to illustrate the front and back folding methods. You may see, if you look carefully, that the knife did not immediately slip under loose cellophane when I inserted in underneath from right to left along the bottom. This is because it was adhering to the box by an small, unseen dab of soft adhesive that gave way with lettle effort when I gently nudged through it with the thin knife. I was trying to be extra-special-careful not to damage, tear, mar or smudge the cellophane. This would have been important had I decided this was a fake; I could have slipped the cello back on, very nicely, resealed it, and returned it more easily in resellabe condition to the purveyor of counterfeit goods (which I do not believe this seller, is to be clear) for a full, no-questions-asked, refund.

My first effort. Thank you, fake cip.

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