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Fifteen stories, fifteen first impressions: IMAGINARY AUTHORS

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Two 8-sample collections of Imaginary Authors fragrances arrived yesterday.

They are listed below. It is taking all the discipline I can muster to slowly and carefully enjoy them.

The first I tried, A City On Fire, was so amazing I vowed to savor them one at a time, every few days or so. But I couldn't wait, and tonight I made it through my first book of 1.5ml sprays.

Luckily, small spray samples can last a while, so I can cycle through all 15 a few times to get to know them and decide which I might like to buy.

Along the way, I'll post my first impressions individually and link to them here:

A CITY ON FIRE (extra sample), author unknown; set in Portland. Distinguishing note: Burnt Match.

Volume I

TELEGRAMA, author unknown. Distinguishing note: Fresh Linens

SUNDRUNK, main character Clementine Cope. Distinguishing note: First Kiss

YESTERDAY HAZE by Leonora Blumberg (follow-up to VIOLET DISGUISE). Distinguishing note: Orchid Dust

CAPE HEARTACHE by Philip Sava (1881). Distinguishing notes: Old Growth; Mountain Fog

THE COBRA AND THE CANARY, main character Neal Orris. Distinguishing note: Asphalt

WHISPERED MYTHS, main character Azzam Issa. Distinguishing note: Salvaged Shipwreck

THE SOFT LAWN by Claude LeCoq (1916). Distinguishing note: Fresh Tennis Balls

A WHIFF OF WAFFLE CONE, author unknown; set in Portland. Distinguishing note: Ice Cream Shoppe

Volume 2

SAINT JULEP, author unknown. Distinguishing note: Sugar Cube

O, UNKNOWN by Philip Sava. Distinguishing note: ???

SLOW EXPLOSIONS, main character Gwen K. Vroomen. Distinguishing note: Arpora Night Market

FALLING INTO THE SEA by Nica Galas. Distinguishing note: Warm Sand

MEMOIRS OF A TRESPASSER by Philip Sava. Distinguishing note: Oak Barrels

EVERY STORM A SERENADE by Niells Bjerregaard. Distinguishing note: Baltic Sea Mist

A CITY ON FIRE also arrived as an individual sample; a link to the review is above.

CAPE HEARTACHE from Volume I is reprinted in Volume II; there are 15 stories to choose from when composing your 8-story collection. A link to the review is above.

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