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First Impression: A CITY ON FIRE, Imaginary Authors (2014)

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

This is the first of fifteen FragWag First Impressions of IMAGINARY AUTHORS sample fragrances, purchased in two volumes.

A CITY ON FIRE | Author unknown; set in Portland. Nose: Josh Meyer. Distinguishing note: Burnt Match.

July 2, 2021. Delicious smoke gushes out and spills all over everything in the spectacular opening. This was a clever selection to include as an extra free sample; (another vial is included in my Volume II).

Just behind the main note of Burnt Match is a warm, sweet, rich note reminiscent of Whiskey-Soaked Leather Book.

I was careful not to prejudge anything in this collection, and was prepared for A City On Fire to be a sort of joke cologne. It is not. It may be fairer to classify it as a novelty cologne, but you can definitely wear it (and I encourage you to regard it) as a serious fragrance. It is a scent you will love, and I really think others will love it on you, though you will have to decide whether to wear it brashly and brazenly, or more subtly.

HOW TO HANDLE REACTIONS | If someone complains or is annoyed by this scent, tell them not to stand so close. If someone compliments you: Move them up a notch on your friend list if you know them; ask them for a date if you like them; marry them if you are already dating; and formally introduce yourself if they are a stranger. If you are already married, I'm sure you will figure it out.

I wore this throughout the day and fell more deeply in love with it; you will enjoy wearing it privately as well. This will also work as a really incredible second layer to some of your favorite colognes, especially if you want to taunt your know-it-all cologne junkie friends into figuring out what you are wearing. I defy them to try; they will fail and you will make a pretty penny if you make bets.

A City On Fire will likely be first IA fragrance I buy, probably in the 14ml traveler size.

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