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First Impression: SUNDRUNK, Imaginary Authors (2018)

This is the second of fifteen FragWag First Impressions of IMAGINARY AUTHORS 2ml sample fragrances, purchased in two volumes, 8 for $38.

SUNDRUNK | Main character: Clementine Cope. Nose: Josh Meyer. Distinguishing note: First Kiss.

July 4, 2021. A bright, sunny orange opening that is friendly and not too sweet. A faintly oriental and elegant unidentified fragrance in the background; perhaps it is the rose water and rhubarb, it is hard for me to say. Wait, it may be the honeysuckle.

I’m already liking Sundrunk. Yes, it is as uncomplicated as orange pop, but not one-dimensional. Savor it longer than you would a bottle of Fanta. As clever and original as you may wish all Imaginary Authors’ fragrances will be, it would be a mistake to expect every one to be a complete revelation, or better than the last one you tried (due to the laws of probability).

But this will be a great everyday scent, perfect for spring and summer, safe for the office, and something to pull out on autumn days when you don’t wish for summer to end, or in the cold mid-winter when you need cheering up. The bases are not loaded here, but Josh Meyer hit a solid homer. Get ready to circle the bases and score a point.

If you like Clinique Happy for men (as I do), you will really enjoy Sundrunk (and if you like Sundrunk, pick up some Happy). Neroli and orange zest are also among the notes. I do not intentionally seek out ‘unisex’ fragrances, and classify most I try as ‘unisex blue’ or ‘unisex pink.’ I don't personally find Sundrunk particularly feminine, but it is definitely not macho, so some guys may feel differently. If you really like it, but not sure if it is right for your cologne wardrobe, just give it to your wife and throw in a kiss.

IA’s ad copy will tell you everything else you need to know: “Woozy and warm from the sun, we shared an orange pop and watched the surfers’ last lines of the day.”

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