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First Impression: TELEGRAMA, Imaginary Authors (2019)

This is the fourth of fifteen FragWag First Impressions of IMAGINARY AUTHORS 2ml sample fragrances, purchased in two volumes, 8 for $38.

TELEGRAMA | Main characters: Two reunited Argentinian lovers; author unknown. Nose: Josh Meyer. Distinguishing note: Fresh Linens.

July 8, 2021. I smelled Telegram briefly a few days ago and remember liking it. Now it is time to really take it in.

Ah, now I remember. Immediately after the sweet, creamy opening, over-toasted waffle cone comes pushing through. Then more syrupy, sugary overindulgence.

Pleasant, but I'm not smelling much else now as it dries down. The other notes listed are talc, lavender absolute, black pepper, teak, amyris, and vanilla power. I need to find some descriptions if I can. describes lavender absolute as having "...a middle note that is sweeter but less floral than Lavender essential oil." That is helpful; I believe I can detect it, but barely. The talc? Maybe, barely.

I am not familiar with amyris. One description I found is "very subtle... slightly sweet, almost benzoin or vanilla-like." Other descriptions are all over the map, and include pine. The subtle and the vanilla I get.

User Starsoflight at, a poet, nails amyris better, if that is what I am smelling in Telegrama: "It has a weakly sweet smell and a moderately strange smokey quality to it." That I can relate to, along with the syrup on toast. Fresh Linens I am not picking up anywhere.

After letting Telegram dry down further, I do not see much difference than the opening, but the very subtle background is still there. I would advise any fragrance enthusiast to rush out and try every sample you can get of Imaginary Authors scents. But if you are buying only one 8-sample set, don't bother including Telegrama; it is not a product to rush out and buy, and nothing to Smellagram home about. Some women may feel differently. Definitely not a scent a man would be interested in, or a woman on a man. Which is fine nowadays.

"Don't cry for me," sings Telegrama. I still have most of my 2ml sample, and one day I can give it another try, or give it away.

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