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First Impression: YESTERDAY HAZE, Imaginary Authors (2014)

The third of fifteen FragWag First Impressions of IMAGINARY AUTHORS fragrances, purchased in two volumes, eight 2ml-samples each for $38.

YESTERDAY HAZE | Author: Leonora Blumberg. Nose: Josh Meyer. Distinguishing note: Orchid Dust.

July 4, 2021. A warm, sweet and fragrant aroma of wood and spice steam out of the opening. Then a middle note, slightly oriental and fruity, emerges.

Yesterday Haze is beautiful and rich, sumptuous and luxurious, and invites you to stay and enjoy it. There are no odd, quirky, or puzzling notes to figure out, but the complex array of pleasurable ingredients is integrated nicely.

I am liking this sample of Yesterday Haze, and cannot find a cologne in my collection to compare it to, not on a first impression. It would be at home in a Guerlain lover’s collection. It is well-rounded. It is biggish. I would hesitate to use very much of this; I think less will be more with Yesterday Haze. It someone is close enough to you physically to smell it, the lightest of sprays will be appreciated.

I did not spray much on the back of my hand, but in this case, not much is still too much, even if I were dousing myself privately for my own enjoyment. I would definitely be stingy with this; if someone smells it from a distance, they may, as Josh Meyer suggests, make a case you as a seducer, or a rube who wears too much cologne.

Yesterday Haze may be better as an occasional second layer to a lighter, lemony or grassy cologne. It would not make a good everyday scent. If I had a bottle, I would experiment diluting it 5:1 with something like Acqua di Gio or Lacoste Essential or something très fraîche. As a secret ingredient, you could have a field day with Yesterday Haze.

I just read the list of the notes again (I happily put them out of my head while sampling this). I can now understand why Orchid Dust is the distinguishing note. Like fog and Lower East Portland, I am not sure what Orchid Dust smells like, or if Meyer writes it in as a whimsy. There may be no actual Orchid Dust in Yesterday Haze.

But I can smell it. And it is seductive. I can pick out the fig as well. Very nice. And a lot of cream. Maybe too much; it is almost like caramel, but don’t drizzle it on a waffle cone.

If you want your enterprise in seduction to be successful, find out whether your target likes this before you begin the enterprise proper. It is rich and beautiful and worth getting a sample. But it may be a love it or hate it type-deal, and with one spray your fantasies may fall to pieces or dissipate into A Haze from Yesterday.

Or maybe I’m being too literal about the seduction theme.

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