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Four D.S. & Durga 1.5ml Samples | FRAGWAG REVIEW

July 9 | A D.S. & Durga 4-sample set arrived this week. Here are my first impressions:

Bowmakers aims to recreate the opening of a violin case, with varnishes and rosin, mahogany, burled maple shavings and aged walnut. Let’s give it a try.

FragWag Review: A lovely mild and rich opening; with pine needles poking out next; then a rich wood scent. This smells like it is sincerely intended as a serious fragrance, not a novelty perfume or a marketing ploy. It has a balanced and simple structure of rich notes. The strong alcohol dissipates almost immediately on the second spray, and the richness returns, deeper, more fragrant, and woodier. I think I smell cedar and am checking the list of official notes. Yes, cedar is listed as a base note, and cypress as a heart note. Very nice.

This could be a candidate for a signature scent, for certain men, and would be really sensational with formal wear. A good second or third date cologne as well; don't waste Bowmakers on a first date (or a club, unless it has a live orchestra). Wait for someone with whom you wish to build mutual respect: her for you, and you for her. It is seductive in a positive, decent way.

Not getting the varnish, but who was ever rejected because they didn't smell like varnish? Varnish is unlikely to show up on a list of 1,000 Most Sought-After Notes; not that I would classify it as Weird. (And remember, I can experience this 1.5ml sample many times. One day you just may check back and learn that I spotted the varnish, and it's really, really great.)

If you can manage to wear Bowmakers at the absolutely lightest level, or as a very thin layer over a lighter scent, this could even be good for every day. If you can pull that off, kudos. And expect to get compliments from women, and from men who want to steal your moves.

This is definitely a fragrance for the Want list and the Strongly Consider Purchasing list. Also a candidate for the Special list you wish to narrow down. D.S. & Durga scores one for one out of the four samples so far. 7/9/21

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