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25 Sauvage boo-boos • Hello, David Schwartz and fake cip

Updated: May 16, 2021

New cologne junkies, read “How to Spot Fake Cologne: A Guide to Buying Online” by David Schwartz (Dapper Confidential), and watch fake cip’s impressive cologne authentication videos.

I have learned a ton by watching his videos and going through this process with my own purchases.

He helped me spot a fake Sauvage I thought was real. My evidence convinced U.S. Customs to take a report after I rattled off this list of signs:

Top of bottle: i) Too large of gap between rim of cap and bottle; ii) bottle separates when held by the weak magnetic cap; iii) cap is too light; iv) vaporizer hole is black plastic, not white; v) inside of push-cap is different inside; vi) cap separates without twisting; vii) font of Christian Dior ‘CD’ logo (top of cap) not right (see end of downstroke in D; viii) and the print quality is too poor; ix) and the recessed area where logo is printed the wrong shape; x) the cap is made from inferior plastic (not gloss black); xi) cologne sprays out too weakly, and not or full fine enough; xii) seam visible across top of glass bottle and down both sides.

Body of bottle: xiii) Vaporizer tube visible; xiv) tint too clear at the bottom; xv) no reddish tint in glass; xvi) logo misplaced.

Bottom of bottle : xvii) No batch number.

Box: xviii) No black-on-black Dior bee logo printed inside top lid of corrugated cardboard; xix) cardboard not dark enough; xx) corrugations run horizontally instead of vertically; xxi) edge of cut paper reveals white paper; xxii) milliliter is abbreviated in all caps, not lower case (also on bottle); xxiii) box interior is different.

Cellophane: xxiv) Sticker misplaced; xxv) seam too wide.

More items to follow.

Count so far: 25.

p.s. Thanks, Genius!

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