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Help Me Pick a Cologne To Authenticate

Updated: May 24, 2021

Dear fans of Fake Cip, Oh The PARFUM!!, Fragrance Tattoo and other YouTubers:

Please suggest a premium men's cologne I can authenticate for you all.

The many Fake vs. Real videos have really inspired me, and I have been photographing my new purchases and even those in my collection, especially those where I kept the boxes.

Now I want to pick one bona fide authentic original fragrance to purchase directly from the perfumer (or a Macys or Dillards), instead of an eBay seller, keep the receipt and even the shipping materials, and photograph the whole thing, every single detail, including the weight, of course.

I do not intend to buy a fake and compare mine against it; I do feel there is value in having only the real, real original photographed in great detail, up close, in high definition. I am not interested in owning a fake or buying one to send back, and frankly, there are too many versions of fakes out there. And my receipt and shipping container will be part of the video. So, for that part of my decision of what to purchase, I am happy to photograph only the original (this time).

I am considering a Dior or YSL cologne (not a Creed) and have a few of my own ideas, but since I intend to splurge just bit more than usual, I thought I would ask others in advance. I am considering Yves Saint Lauren’s very new Y Le Parfum that was launched in 2021, as there has not been a lot of time for the counterfeiters to get to work.

It is a bit confusing to find Y Le Parfum on Fragrantica, as the bottles all look like the 2018 version. I may need some help with this, and will probably need to call YSL.

I am often in contact now with perfumers like Dior, Burberry, and any others whose work I photograph on my own. I also contact the appropriate U.S. officials in CPB and ICE who fight counterfeiting. It takes time to track down the specific offices to make inquiries, but I promise you, many do want to hear from consumers and are very interested in fighting counterfeits.

I'll sign off for now, but again, I want to thank Fake Cip, Fragrance Tattoo, and Oh The PARFUM so much; they are the ones who got the ball rolling for me, and I have learned a lot the past few weeks. THANK YOU! I owe you all for this inspiration.

— SenseABull

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