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Joop! Homme Fake IDed by Oh, The PARFUM !!

How great to find a Fake Vs. Real video of one of my all-time passionate favorites, Joop! Homme. This YouTuber does us all a service by protecting a scent many find cheap and offensive. Oh, and he weighs them, too.

“[People] keep saying there’s no fakes of Joop! Homme... Why would anyone make a counterfeit of a cheap fragrance”? says Oh The PARFUM !! in an opening slide.

It is SO true — so-called cheap fragrances are worth counterfeiting; they are sold in 10 or 100 times the quantity as the expensive stuff. And one would expect them at a larger variety of sellers.

I kept the box I bought six weeks ago, and though I have no reason to think it is a fake, it will be great if this is validated by Oh The PARFUM !! [FAST FORWARD...]

VERDICT: My 6.7 oz. bottle is different from the 4.2 oz. in the video; the box is more similar,

When I lift my bottom by the cap (it is 40% used), the bottle separates right away.

I'm telling you, it will be a long time before I trust my current discounter. There's just too many differences to trust them, and too many reasons and ways for them to skirt around Authorized Reseller agreements.

It is hard to be convinced yet. There may be differences in the grey market versions of Joop! Time to contact the manufacturer.

BELOW: PHOTOS of my batch codes from a recent purchase of Joop! Homme 6.7 oz. EDT Cologne.

I am happy to report that Coty Inc. responded to my query and even gave me a reference number, partially displayed below:


Global Consumer Affairs

Ref. #0XXXXX881A

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