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Mankind Legacy: Small indulgence, huge bottle, big hit

[ An impromptu lunch hour purchase of a Kenneth Cole bargain at Macy's ]

It didn't take any arm-twisting, because I was in the mood to buy something over my lunch hour today.

But after being primed to pick up a Gucci or a Choo (or a Gucci-Gucci-Choo) and rush back to the office, my fragrance specialist at Macy's Herald Square, S., steered me to Mankind Legacy, which is on a special sale at the moment.

Very special: A 200ml bottle, M.S.R.P. of $102.00 and a typical sale price $91.00... for only $51.00, or $55.53 after NYC tax (7/12/21).

My perfumeriere really keeps tabs on the gifts with purchase and great deals in Macy's Men's Fragrances; I may have to pick up the new Montblanc Explorer Blue and a Jimmy Choo or two. She specifically led me to this deal.

I made the purchase and was really prepared to set it aside, completely sealed, as a gift for someone. But I was too curious, and the bottle is so huge, I couldn't help it. And frankly, I would never give a gift of a 200ml bottle unless I knew someone was crazy about.

Well, let me tell you, Kenneth Cole Mankind Legacy is fantastic, absolutely a home run. What a surprise. It is reminiscent of some of my favorite Alfred Dunhill scents (Black and London, which are at the top of my hit parade of perfumes), and Lacoste Pour Homme, which I recently acquired. (That is silly, I've only been collecting since April 7, 2021, so all 90+ colognes I own are recent acquisitions. When you hear me say “recent,” think in the past day or two.

A good lesson from this is to find a perfumeriere with credibility, let them hear what you like and then listen to them, and trust them enough to plunk down some dough when they suggest something.

I did smell a card of this, and sprayed a bit on my wrist in the store, but I never got the full sense of it. Tonight I did.

This bottle isn't going anywhere, except on me.

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