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My “Absolutely Authenticated” Authenticator Videos

The best proof of fragrance’s authenticity that I am aware of is a photograph or video of A] a dated receipt with the name of the seller who the perfumery will verify as an authorized dealer, and the batch code on B] the bottle and C] the box clearly visible (and legible) in the shot.

Sellers should find a practical way to provide this, and do so willingly.

All three in one photograph: Receipt, and both batch codes. That is the standard I will follow for any Fake vs. Real video I make and post here. Unboxings of volognes I caanot authenticate in this way will be posted here.

If you have ideas for alternative or additional standards, please share them. Perfume houses may do the same.

JOIN THE FUN • If you will consider adopting this standard, let me know. And, if you wish to take an additional step and formally pledge to do so, I will designate you a Certified SenseABull Authenticator (CSBA) in Fragrances. This standard can be adapted for other widely counterfeited goods.

THANKS • I am grateful for the many Fake or Real cologne-debunkers on YouTube, and I trust them. We all owe them a debt.

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