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My complimentary comment on a robes08 video for Zino

[This originated as a comment on robes08's channel.]

Wow, less than five minutes in and you already earned a subscriber.

Just came from a channel where every single overhyped cologne made of a “top male model”s top 10 (14, actually) list. You mention “Richwood” (sp?), a scent I have never heard of. Thank you.

My Zino just arrived a day ago, and I am warming up to it, with the dial flittering back and forth over the probably like / probably don’t like marker.

It’s an important tell, because usually I really like what I really like right away, and rarely have a fail with a double-blind buy.

A double-blind buy for colognes is my invented term for a scent you have not only never smelled, but have never heard or or received a recommendation to buy. You buy it because the description sounds accurate and really appealing. Very few of my blind-blind picks disappoint. And I do not get bent out of shape over a disappointment, I already own plenty of choices I like.

So this comment just came spilling out and I'll copy it to my SenseABull blog for fun. THANK YOU, I will look up that Richwood thing.

(TIny point... gare-LENN, not gare-LANE.)

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