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Portrait of a suspicious eBay seller: perfume-empire

Imagine you resell designer goods that normally go for premium prices; you sell them as authentic at a discount; and your chosen market is flooded with dazzling, illegal counterfeits and unsuspecting shoppers.

What would your attitude be towards a buyer who is cautious, or suspicious, or who finds a likely phony?

If you are eBay seller perfume-empire, you are like 95% of eBay fragrance sellers:

  • You know next to nothing about your product, and do not care;

  • You advertise everything as authentic (100%!), purchased only from authorized 'dealers,' but refuse to provide evidence;

  • You do not check (or even spot-check) goods yourself, and would be unable to independently spot a counterfeit if you tried;

  • You handle inquiries like a robot, repeating the same claims;

  • You and your dealers are recognized by few if any brands they sell like Dior, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani (you can call and ask);

  • Your inventory includes an alarming number of counterfeit items;

  • You force your dissatisfied buyers into the inconvenience of returning items even if demonstrated with photos to be fake;

  • You hide behind eBay if and when you decide not to return money received for fakes.

I had high hopes for perfume-empire when I saw their sales volume and high satisfied buyer rate. I became suspicious when they sold me a bottle of Burberry Men eau de toilette with a fake cap. I stopped trusting them when they returned my inquiry with a snarky message and a dare to hold them accountable. I published this piece when they blocked me from their store.

I would not trust eBay seller perfume-empire if I were you. Learn how to authenticate your favorite perfumes and colognes from trusted YouTubers like fake cip; I was able to list 25 things wrong with my Sauvage eau de parfum. When I spotted the cap on my Burberry, I knew the game was on.

Anyone and everyone on eBay claims 100% authentic products. Ask them to show proof and see what you get.

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