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Richwood by Xerjoff; Portrait of a Lady; future splurge

[This originated as a comment on robes08's channel.]

So, I already have a complimentary post about your channel on my blog... Don't disappoint me lol! Just kidding, you're cool.

I assume the Richwood by Xerjoff (what an unfortunate brand name) you mentioned in your Zino video is the unisex scent I found on Fragrantica. Okay, cool, you mentioned it is extremely expensive. I'll check (promise), but have you done any videos on it? Why do you like it? Do you think it is substantially appealing enough to a broad range of tastes that you would recommend buying it? Or just a scent you happen to love and were okay spending a lot for it?

I'm looking for such a scent, by the way. I am putting about $20 per paycheck away to buy something like a Chanel de Blue or the newest of the Ys from YSL. That's a lot of paydays, so this one will have to be off the chart wonderful. No double-blind buys on this one.

Hmmm... Maybe another comment I can use as a blog piece.

Also, this one, Portrait of a Lady, are you reviewing this as a potential wearer? This is a bona fide women's perfume, if I am not mistaken. I am not 100% against wearing a women-targeted scent, but it would have to be good enough that I would pick it in a true blind test, that I would like it without knowing in advance what it was. I am just curious.

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