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Show me an eBay seller who can authenticate a cologne

Dear eBay seller of discount colognes I just discovered:

Hi, I'm liking your store and your prices. This weekend I am looking at D&G The One, F Black Salvatore Ferragamo, and/or La Nuit (YSL).

But first, you and I, as seller and buyer, need to acknowledge something:

Typical non-answer response from an eBay fragrance seller.

So if you know how to spot a fake, prove it and tell us how.

If not, kindly post some photos of your own boxes, and some bottles from open-box products for sale -- good, clear HD photos where details can be seen. Stock photos are insufficient.

And pardon me if I would not like to hear this song again:

Everything we sell is 100% authentic!

We only buy from authorized dealers!

But we refuse to substantiate this claim!

If it's a fake, return it, sucker!

I know about eBay's return policy. The crooks have made such statements useless now; we buyers really are looking for sellers ready to truly authenticate their goods. I hope you understand. Looking forward!

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