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Successes with Dunhill, promising to be uphill from here

Dunhill by Alfred Dunhill (2003), sometimes referred to as “Dunhill Man,” is on its way to becoming my signature scent.

Tonight I was reading about Dunhill Fresh and Dunhill London and found this video. Recently unboxed Dunhill (the cap is off to the side like a flask; it has a very light brown color) and it absolutely floored me.

X-Centric, Custom and Dunhill Edition have arrived, and rate them, respectively, “eccentric, interesting floral,” “rich, syrupy-in-a-good-way sweet exotic,” and “delicious and bracing grassy lemon-drop.” This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and if Fresh and London work out, it will be six for six in the Dunhill family for me.

For an interesting background on Alfred Dunhill, read Sergei Borisov's recent article on Fragrantica, “Blend 30 Alfred Dunhill: It's a Good Mixture, Gentlemen!” Blend 30 is a vintage long out of production that sounds like a dream... And Alfred Dunhill's clever way of transitioning his father's harness business to motorcars, then motorcar- and motorist-related products (horns, goggles), then tobacco (he invented a pipe for drivers!) is fascinating. Try Dunhill, it will be an uphill ride!

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