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Surreptitious Mr. Cellophane

Post is a reply to YouTuber David Blaine regarding a fake I ate...

Well, I’ve since learned to remove the cellophane so’s I can get it back on, with the seller none the wiser...

Using disposable rubber gloves (ultra-cheap), I do this from the bottom. I look closely to find which flap needs to be peeled open first. A very thin steak knife is great to gently slide under if that is hard to determine. Very very slowly and gently I peel back that cello gradually until any adhesive gives way. Then I do the same with the other side, then carefully on each side. I keep watching to avoid tears.

Once all four sides of the bottom cello are wide open, the box is gently gently shaken until it begins to slide out just a bit.

All in stages. Eventually it is off. It gets weighed on the 0.01 gram-graduated scale, and carefully set aside.

And just yesterday I realized I don’t have to slide that cello off at all! Just open the box from the bottom! The corrugated insert can come out with the bottle if necessary. (And I video this to maintain the orientation of bottle, the insert and the box.)

Since you’ve inspired me to write this out, I’m now going to post this on my blog in your honor. You can come by and say hi — there’s a chat feature right on site and I’ll get pinged when you visit the page.

Lots of great ideas floating around! No reason to get taken twice!

Visit pryvycy.wixsite. com/senseabull — I’ll be there.

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