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The nose is blind; the eye knows

Updated: May 15, 2021

Learn with me, a novice, how to spot many counterfeit colognes

1. Subscribe to fake cip on YouTube. That is the first step. He wowed me with his video on Fake vs. Real Sauvage for Men (Dior). He helped me catch a phony.

My latest message to fake cip (the Genius):

Dear Genius,

I’m using your video on Dolce & Gabbana The One as an insurance policy while I prepare to shop for it eBay this weekend. I was going to say, “as a guide,” but so few sellers will post pics of the actual bottles, boxes, or batch codes, you can’t know what to expect. Few will do so on request. They all use stock photos instead, everyone has the same ones.

Fools, the lot of them, not even the honest ones know the first thing (or care) about how to spot a counterfeited fragrance. Same song, “Everything we sell is 100% genuine;” same chorus, “We only buy from authorized dealers;” same give-away they know nothing and don’t care: “If you don’t like it, return it unused.”

I am now weighing and photographing every bottle I buy, at any price, even testers (I’m glad you cover those). All shipments will be photographed, all unboxings will be livestreamed, no purchases made before seeing videos like yours. All packaging, even shipping materials, will be photographed, and saved until authenticated.

Cellophane seals will not be broken until everything else that can be recorded is. I did a masterful cellophane removal this week of a Burberry Men (wrong cap). Peeled ever so gently at the bottom, one fold (glued), another fold, until all four bottom edges were opened up and I could slide the box out. Even got the cellophane back on again! Very nice job, but the cellophane obviously has my hands all over it. Gloves will be added to the unboxing kit along with the scale.

I do have a question: Might you consider showing us your receipts from where you purchased your authentics? With identifying info masked, of course. We know we can trust you, but it is one measure none of the eBay sellers and dealers take to prove they are buying good stuff or ease buyers minds and earn our trust. It could be an example for all these sellers.

I’ve got a deal for you: I’ll do it. I’ll go first. We can take it from there.

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