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Tommy Says Give Kenneth a Second Chance

Tommy of Studio Scents ​reviewed Kenneth Cole for Him (2018) today, and this encouraged me to be more careful before I write off Kenneth Cole completely.

Cole has already disappointed me with Blue (2015) and, though less so, Signature (2005). A purchase of Black Bold is on its way, and I actually have pretty high hopes for it; if it disappoints, it may go back to the seller with the Blue I am returning (a tester without its promised cap; I was underwhelmed by it anyway). Blue was a recent purchase, and Signature also arrived just days ago. It's... okay.

I'm not so sure I agree with the low bar Tommy sets for an office scent. If I wore a scent to the office (and I may decide to from time to time), I want to make sure it is something I am super crazy about even if I barely use enough to be detected. I just have no interest in wearing something I find boring only because it is super-safe; I'll stay safe by not wearing anything, or wearing just a tiny bit of something nice.

I do like Tommy's idea of wearing something subtle enough for daytime that it won't ruin a stronger fragrance you put on for the evening. I always find something to learn from Tommy; he is thoughtful and smart and knowledgeable, he doesn't waste his viewers' time, and he avoids shtik.

Regarding Signature: Like Tommy, I give scents a chance to redeem themselves; you have to try different amounts, and make an effort to look for that element that you may be missing. I tend to go hog wild on drown myself in scents I really like (I wear them for me), but I have learned that some colognes smell sickly or putrid in large amounts, and can only be enjoyed in very small dabs. I will make an effort with Signature.

p.s. In Tommy's 12 Affordable Summer Stunners (March 30, 2021), he gives kudos to Match Point (2020) by Lacoste, and I am super-duper crazy about Lacoste, so on the list it goes (wait a sec... okay, I just added it to my Fragrantica "Want" shelf). In the same video he gives Cole's Mankind Legacy (2019) high marks, so it is nice to know there may be another Cole to try before I write him off completely.

Just one rule, please: Don't be boring. Second rule: Being unlikeable but having a really cool bottle will only piss me off more.

And thank you, Tommy, for your informative channel!

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