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Too late to weigh your used cologne? Think again!

I just realized another great reason for all of us to carefully weigh our cologne bottles, boxes and caps, and post them with photographs of the batch codes. Even half-used ones.

You may think it is too late to weigh your half-used bottle of cologne and compare it with a real bottle you see in a Real vs. Fake YouTube video, or post your own video of it.

Think again: You can weigh the cap. And the box, if you have it. And you can find your proof of purchase (think: bank statements) and post the price and seller to prove where it was purchased. A receipt will help you authenticate your own video and your own cologne. This is of great value to skeptical viewers.

The Fake vs. Real video makers I trust weigh the full box, the bottle and cap only, and just the cap. A real cap will be distinctly different in weight from a fake cap. And the cap will never change weight. It is never too late to weight it.

I record these weights, to 0.1 grams, using a 2000 kilogram-capacity scale :

  • Unopened, cellophane-sealed package

  • The same, without the cellophane

  • Just the cellophane (yes, it has a weight; a 0.1 gram scale is useful)

  • The bottle with the cap

  • The bottle without the cap

  • The bottle without the cap and squeeze bulb

  • Just the cap

  • Just the squeeze bulb

  • Cap and squeeze bulb together

  • The box, with and without the cellophane

  • The box without the cardboard insert

  • Just the cardboard insert

You may think I am overdoing it, but the devil is in the details, and with this data carefully recorded, you may be able to authenticate a cologne years after you purchase it, and help others do the same.

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