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Would you buy Mercari Hossainsazzat130’s cologne?

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Mercari seller Hossainsazzat130 has listed 43 items for sale since December 27, 2020, with 38 sales and 37 transaction reviews. These are mostly perfumes and colognes. ppear to b

You know how plagued the internet is with fake cologne sellers. You know what good colognes sell for. Read the breakdown of the 37 reviews, in categories GREAT, GOOD and POOR, and tell me: Would you buy discounted cologne from this seller? Would you be surprised if it turned out to be fake?

CLICK vs. CONTENT: Of 38 transactions, 31 resulted in one-word / single-click reviews or automated responses. 7 reviews include actual notes by buyers.

37 GREAT ratings; Zero GOOD ratings; Zero POOR ratings

DATES OF REVIEWS: Assuming dates of reviews correlated to dates of sales, sales tend to cluster up, with big gaps of time between

Dec. 27, '20 to Jan. 5, '21 (10 days): 4; Jan. 12-17 (6 days) 4;

Jan. 28 - Feb. 1 (5 days) 2, or 10 GREAT reviews in 37 days

April 1 to May 6: 26 GREAT reviews in 36 days

May 19 - June 17: 3 GREAT reviews in 30 days

CONCLUSION: Not enough information to say this is a bad or even suspicious seller, but absolutely not enough to warrant buying from them.

Do these metrics warrant taking a chance buying one of the most counterfeited product on the market, fragrances, from this seller?

How long in business: 6 months. NO

Level of anonymity: Nearly 100%. NO

Type of marketplace: Grey, shady, no reputation. NO

Number of transactions: 38. NO

Likelihood goods are counterfeit: High. NO

Restrictions on returns: Many. NO

Distribution of ratings: 100% lopsided. NO

Zero content / automated reviews: 82%. NO

Ability to communicate pre-sale:

Unique / original return policy:

Avoid sellers like this.

I'd love to see Fake Cip go after a merchant like Mercari or similar... Order five trophy colognes from their site, video all the authentications, and drip the videos out one by one.

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